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Using the original Vehicle Identification Number - the 17-digit VIN - the RFID will be unique to that vehicle and records will link directly to the owner and their contact details

The motorhome VIN CHIP™ pack includes hidden RFID chips so that the body and chassis will always be identifiable.

Customers will get additional peace of mind when buying a motorhome with VIN CHIP™ which aims to deter theft and aid quick recovery. They will have extra reassurance that should they become a victim of crime, even if the criminals seek to re-identify the motorhome with a false registration, the VIN CHIP™ technology 'buried' into the vehicle will still reveal its true identity.

The advanced technology that VIN CHIP™ provides is an essential part of the work to disrupt criminal activity. The touring caravan version of VIN CHIP™ has proven a valuable tool to Police and Law Enforcement and this expansion to include motorhomes will further assist in their work when called upon to positively identify a suspect motorhome.




Motorhome consumer VIN CHIP™ kits available now.

Includes all you need to retro fit your motorhome to ensure it is protected by the VIN CHIP™ police traceable scheme, including:

  • Master Window Label
  • Gas Bottle Locker Warning Label
  • 2 x RFID Chip
  • 10 tamper evident Window Lozenges
  • Lint free microfibre cloth