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It is strongly recommended that you register your details as the new Keeper of a motorhome, that has an existing VIN CHIP™ kit fitted.

This will give you additional peace of mind as a deterrent to theft and aid quick recovery. VIN CHIP™ also gives you the extra reassurance that should you become a victim of crime, and even if the criminals seek to re-identify the motorhome with a false registration, the VIN CHIP™ technology uses both visible and invisible markings that will still reveal its true identity and keeper.

If you are the new Keeper of a motorhome with an existing VIN chip kit and want to register as a new Keeper you can do so via CRiS who provide this service.(VIN CHIP™ does not deal with registration).

To register as a new Keeper, contact CRiS:
By calling : 0203 282 1000
Or via the link below:
Change Keeper
This service is provided by CRiS