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supporting the leisure vehicle industry

VIN CHIP™ is part of CCN Leisure, a group of businesses that promote and support the leisure vehicle industry in the UK.

VIN CHIP™ is an anti-theft identification system for leisure vehicles and provides an essential part of work to disrupt criminal activity.

At VIN CHIP™, we have been using radio frequency identification, known as 'RFID' technology since 1998. Each RFID chip holds the unique 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and links directly to a central keeper database.

We provide highly visible security labels that display the VIN and a unique QR code that warn criminals that the vehicle is VIN CHIP™ protected.

VIN CHIP™ scanners are issued to Police and Law Enforcement agencies who work closely with VIN CHIP™, and even if criminals seek to re-identify the leisure vehicle, the RFID chip will still reveal it’s true identity, providing a fast and reliable process of confirmation.

Deter, Protect & Identify – with the embedded VIN CHIP™ system.

VIN CHIP™ Limited
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Telephone: 0203 282 1000